You shouldn't have to invest lots of time training and, worse yet, re-training your agency's account team.

At PR Works, our team is made up entirely of seasoned veterans — mature, field-proven professionals who know your industry and can get the job done with minimal input and supervision.

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Joseph Feeks, Editorial Director and CEO

Joseph Feeks, Editorial Director and CEO

Joe is a seasoned brand journalist and media consultant with nearly 40 years' experience in agriculture, animal health, nutrition and related fields.

Because of his business focus, people often assume Joe spent his formative years tilling corn or showing pigs. Far from it.

Joe grew up in the shadow of New York City and was drawn to a career in the news media at an early age.

One summer, while pursuing his journalism degree at the University of Maryland, he fell into an internship with the state agriculture department. Suddenly, he found himself writing about everything from weed control in no-till soybeans to coccidiosis prevention in broiler chickens.

“It was a sobering eye-opener for a kid who dreamed about working for The New York Times. But for some reason, I just clicked with agriculture,” Joe recalls.

“I was fascinated by the technology and innovation, sure. But more than anything, I was struck by the people in the industry — they showed so much passion for their work. Agriculture was where I wanted to be."

After cultivating his ag communications skills further at two New York agencies, Joe launched his own company, PR Works, in 1986 to focus solely on developing PR and editorial programs in agriculture and the food-animal business.

Today, when he’s not consulting with clients or working on his next story, Joe enjoys chilling with his family, paddling his sea kayak or getting lost in the woods with a knapsack of camera equipment.

Diana Delmar, Brand Journalist and Science Editor

Diana Delmar, Brand Journalist and Science Editor

Since 1993, Diana has worked as a tireless reporter and science editor for PR Works, covering everything from livestock and companion animals to crop production.

She has more than 40 years' experience as a medical and agricultural writer and editor. Early in her career, Diana was a reporter and managing editor at the International Medical News Group (IMNG), publisher of newspapers for physicians. While there she received an award for Excellent Medical Writing from the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the American Medical Writers Association and an Award of Commendation for accurate reporting from the American Academy of Family Physicians.

In 1989, Diana began to combine her experience in medical journalism with her interest in animal care by focusing on the veterinary field. She was the managing editor of Veterinary Practice News (formerly Veterinary Product News), edited or ghost-wrote several books on animal care and was a regular contributor to Veterinary Times, a British veterinary publication. She has authored three books (Storey Publishing): The Guilt-Free Dog Owners Guide, The Puppy Owner's Manual and Taking Up Riding As An Adult.

Diana lives on a horse farm in the suburbs of Washington, DC. When she's not writing, she’s riding, enjoys her dogs and occasionally relaxes at a hideaway in the West Virginia mountains.

Meghan Feeks, Brand Journalist and Marketing Strategist

Meghan Feeks, Brand Journalist and Marketing Strategist

Meghan's path to public relations was an unusual one. She had hoped to get a Ph.D. in philosophy after graduating from college. But when an academic internship made her aware of the chasm that often exists between ideas and impact, she decided to make a career of bridging them. The challenge of this is what first drew her to public relations — and it's what she continues to enjoy most about it.

With more than 10 years of agency and corporate experience, Meghan has a passion for both the science and the business behind medicine and agriculture. She holds a B.A. from McGill University and a M.Sc. from Columbia University.

A former dancer, Meghan also loves yoga, travel, writing and food.

Jesse Jenifer, Digital Director

Jesse Jenifer, Digital Director

Jesse started building web sites back in 1996 — a time when many marketers wondered if the Internet was a passing fad or a legitimate marketing tool.

Today Jesse modestly shrugs off his 20 years of digital marketing experience.

"My goal is the same today as it was back then — build engaging websites and other digital platforms that are informative, easy to use and, most important, keep target audiences coming back for more. Nothing’s really changed," he insists.

Oh, but it has.

Today Jesse prides himself on staying current with the latest innovations and platforms for enhancing the digital experience. He’s also a wiz at inbound marketing, which focuses on creating engaging content that pulls customers and prospects toward a company and its products. It’s a natural fit with PR Works’ focus on brand journalism.

When it comes to search-engine optimization and website analytics, Jesse can geek it up with the best of them. He also has a remarkable talent for taking complex, intricate designs and bringing them to life on a digital platform.

Jesse graduated from Binghamton University with a B.S. in computer science and a B.A in economics. When he's not creating websites and other e-marketing tools, Jesse likes hanging with his young family and breaking par on area golf courses.

Natalie Knudsen, Brand Journalist

Natalie Knudsen, Brand Journalist

Veteran ag journalist Natalie Knudsen joined the PR Works team in 2000 following a successful freelance career writing for several farm industry trade publications, including Pork, Swine Practitioner, Iowa Pork Today and Successful Farming.

Natalie, who has been active in the pork industry for nearly 30 years, has hands-on production experience and was a partner in several swine ventures, most notably a purebred Berkshire herd, a 3,000-sow unit and several finishing sites.

A self-proclaimed farm-to-table foodie, she is passionate about educating people on the wholesome production of food.

On a more personal scale, she and her husband share their small horse-powered farming operation with families from Nashville, letting them see firsthand the processes that provide meat, eggs, herbs and grains for their tables.

Susanna Ronner, Art Director / Graphic Designer

Susanna Ronner, Art Director / Graphic Designer

Susanna came to PR Works in 1997 as a well respected graphic designer, but her background in other art forms — dance, music and fine arts — quickly demonstrated why she has such a keen eye for color, texture, balance and imagery.

Her print and web work expresses a unique and memorable visual impact, elegance and clarity, all of which have brought PR Works and its clients much success.

Susanna received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois, where she graduated with honors and was singled out for "Outstanding Senior in Graphic Design," earning her place in Who's Who Among Students in Colleges and Universities.

After graduating, Susanna went on to San Francisco to work for many years alongside some of the most highly respected and internationally renowned graphic designers.

In addition to animal health, Susanna has worked extensively for non-profit organizations, hospitals, colleges, museums, visual artists, recording artists, and small businesses.

Her design work is included in many design books and publications, including numerous editions of Print magazine's Regional Design Annual and Print's Best Logos and Symbols (Vol. 3) and American Corporate Identity (Vol. 3). For many years, Susanna also taught graphic design at the State University of New York at New Paltz.

Susan Spiegel, Digital Editor

Susan Spiegel, Digital Editor

Sue came to PR Works in 2008 with 20 years' experience in medical, technical and promotional writing. Since graduating magna cum laude from the State University of New York at Albany with a B.A. in English, her career has woven a path through editing, product development, branding, copywriting and creative direction. She's a quick study on virtually any topic. That, along with her versatility and attention to detail, allows Sue to jump easily from technical to pharmaceutical to commercial assignments.

As digital editor, Sue is able to happily combine her writing and multimedia experience, strong organizational skills and an avid interest in website creation.

In her spare time, Sue pursues many other creative outlets, including singing choral music and playing classical and folk guitar.

Susan Spiegel, Digital Editor

Caroline Stocks, Brand Journalist

Caroline Stocks is an award-winning journalist with more than a decade of experience writing about food and agriculture for national and business publications around the world.

Having graduated from the UK’s University of Sheffield with a BA in Journalism and an MA in Political Communication, she fell into agricultural writing by accident after being asked to cover the development of a government food policy.

Since then she has written about everything from European farm regulation, livestock science and production, environmental issues, and agricultural business and economics.

Her writing has also taken her around the world, reporting on food and farming stories in Australia, India, Canada, the US and across Europe.

When she’s not at her desk, Caroline can be found running (albeit slowly) around the rolling hills of Derbyshire, England, trying to teach her mischievous dog new tricks, and adding stamps to her passport.