We built this website to provide an overview of our capabilities and experiences in agriculture and animal health. But if you really want to evaluate the value of PR Works to your marketing program, you need to hear from people who have worked with us in the past. References available upon request.

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'PR Works helped us forge the concepts, clear the clutter and turn our messages...'

PR Works was my public relations agency for more than 11 years, from 1999 through 2011. Joe Feeks and his team helped us at Schering-Plough (later, Intervet/Schering-Plough and Merck) to tell our story about coccidiosis control in poultry. Actually, they did way more than that. Through a dynamic interaction with our team, PR Works helped us forge the concepts, clear the clutter and turn our messages into crisp, clear, compelling stories that impacted the industry.

The best I can say about PR Works is that more than once I heard from the sales team that a certain news story or testimonial they had written was a decisive factor in convincing another customer to try our products. A public relations agency with results that can actually be measured in dollars and cents. Now, that's something one can't find every day.

Marcelo Lang, DVM
Product brand director — food animal biologicals
Elanco Animal Health

'There are few as creative and talented. I highly recommend PR Works.'

Joe's enthusiasm for his client's programs is contagious and matched with his creativity, versatility, and talent for developing successful communication strategies for all aspects of a good public relations campaign. When Joe was called on to develop a public relations campaign beyond agriculture into the global energy sectors, the execution of this program successfully obtained a front page, above-the-fold, placement in the Wall Street Journal. I have worked around the globe for all my career amongst many stakeholders and multiple industry sectors, and there are few as creative and talented. I highly recommend PR Works.

Bob Morris
Principal, AndMore Associates, LLC
Immediate past president, The Sulphur Institute

'What I liked most about Joe is his proactive approach...'

I have worked together with Joe Feeks and his team for almost two years and, I must say, it was a relief to finally work with someone that understands the poultry/livestock and animal health market, which is quite rare among communication agencies. What I liked most about Joe is his proactive approach in suggesting and implementing concepts, messages and creative ideas. I have experienced that, with Joe, you will get a maximum of high quality communication output with a minimum amount of input or guidance. With Joe, I experienced a level of seamless teamwork, which is very difficult to accomplish nowadays. It often felt as if Joe was ‘part of our team without being part of our team.’ I would highly recommend the services of Joe Feeks and his colleagues at PR Works.

Ruud Aerdts
Regional Director
CEVA Animal Health, Asia Pacific

'We were able to educate the market about our products' benefits.'

The professionals at PR Works helped us develop and deliver our marketing and technical messages — not only to our customers and prospects, but also to our own people. With their PR, editorial and technical expertise, we were able to educate the market about our products’ benefits and effectively tell our story to the world. The collective effort between PR Works and our marketing, sales and technical service teams allowed us to increase global market share for a key product range from less than 1% to 10%. I highly recommend this agency.

Stephen Collins
Former Vice President, Worldwide Poultry
Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health

'PR Works gets the maximum spin for any event or story.'

What I like best about PR Works is that they really know and understand agribusiness and the animal health market. Most of PR Works' competitors are often young upstarts, who are quickly in and out of agribusiness PR as a passing career path.

PR Works, on the other hand, offers industry veterans that are networked into all key editors. Joe and his team dependably get feature stories and releases placed in the major media.

Their stories are also crisp and concise, using the latest industry "buzz words" and hitting the "top buttons." They're also balanced and accurate. PR Works gets the maximum spin for any event or story.

And most importantly, they're not afraid to tell the client when a story isn't newsworthy.

Bob Fountain
President, Fountain Agricounsel, LLC
Former VP of Pfizer Animal Health

'PR Works makes life a lot easier for busy marketing and public affairs professionals.'

PR Works is a rare find. Joe Feeks and his associates have always delivered a broad range of strategic, creative and well-written communications materials. From planning through placement, PR Works makes life a lot easier for busy marketing and public affairs professionals.

Rose Krizewicz Wingfield
Former Senior Director, Public Affairs
Merck (now Merial)

'A real gift for coming up with interesting angles'

PR Works is a unique agency with extremely good knowledge of animal health and agriculture, along with some very creative ideas and plans to promote products and a company.

Joe and his team have a real gift for coming up with interesting angles or positioning ideas for products that are well received by the target audience. They understand the business and they're a pleasure to work with. True professionals.

Loren R. Williams
President & CEO
Solution BioSciences, Inc.
Former VP Marketing for Alpharma

'I knew from the start they were something special.'

I've worked with PR Works in three different organizations. The first time, PR Works was already part of my company's marketing team — and I knew from the start they were something special. In the second and third times, I made it a point to bring in PR Works to effectively communicate our messages.

Why PR Works? Because they ask tough questions, they challenge the thought processes and they stand up for what they feel is in their client's best interests.

In addition, Joe and his organization bring knowledge of our industry and have excellent writing and communications skills. They have the ability to take a technical subject and make it understandable for all audiences, from producers to PhDs.

Colin Meyers
Executive Director
Boehringer Ingelheim
(Worked with PR Works while at Alpharma, Dekalb and Novartis)

'Extremely effective communicators of new ideas and concepts'

Joe Feeks and his crew are extremely effective communicators of new ideas and concepts to the industry. They know the industry well, and they're able to place articles and ideas in the lay and trade press which are factual and help to promote products and programs. They're professionals from top to bottom. I've always been very impressed with the company.

Roy A. Schultz, DVM, MS
Avoca, Iowa
One of National Hog Farmer magazine's Top 50 most influential people in the pork industry over the past 50 years.

'This sensible mixture of science and sell is hard to find.'

PR works has a long history in agriculture, so they know the issues and understand the fine details of food animal production. You don't have to go through lengthy explanations about basic concepts to get them up to speed. They actually save marketers and technical service reps time.

I've also been impressed with the experience and relationships PR Works has with the press. They know how and where to place stories for maximum impact, saving money and effort.

PR Works not only has great copy writing but also great technical writing. This sensible mixture of science and sell is hard to find. Your product is noticed, but also perceived with integrity, thereby enhancing your image as a supplier.

PR Works is also proactive. Joe Feeks and his team take the initiative on projects and go above the call of duty to make sure the project meets their own high quality standards, thereby enhancing our image as a supplier.

Robyn Fleck, DVM
Merck Animal Health

'I would recommend PR Works in a heartbeat.'

Public relations is much more than writing press releases and contacting editors. You have to go about it professionally and effectively, balancing the client's need for publicity with the media's need for real news.

PR Works does just that. They listen. They comb through and understand your research data. They ask a lot of questions that make you think and help fine tune your positioning. They interview independent specialists to get additional perspective.

In the end, they deliver newsy, credible, compelling, well-written news releases and features that get results. They're also good at working with editors behind the scenes and pitching story ideas. I've also been very impressed by their graphic design capabilities.

I would recommend PR Works in a heartbeat.

Steve Nelson
Marketing Consultant
(Worked with PR Works at Solvay Animal Health and on independent projects)

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