Welcome to our online portfolio. Here you’ll catch fleeting glimpses of our recent work. But obviously, there’s only so much you can tell from a few thumbnails. We’ll gladly send you more tangible samples after learning about your interests and goals. Why not contact us today?.


Nothing brings together our brand journalism, digital and design capabilities better than Poultry Health Today, Pig Health Today and Fish Health Forum — three vibrant, content-marketing websites we developed for two major animal health companies. They’re now the foundations of their print, e-marketing and social media campaigns in these markets.

Technical bulletins

Our science reporters and art department team up to present your technical ideas and research in authoritative yet captivating publications that command good readership.

Press coverage

We work with your technical experts and consultants to share their experiences and recommendations in the pages of influential trade journals.


Our brand journalists can interview your technical specialists and develop compelling Q&As that share practical insights about your product’s real-world benefits.

Video news interviews

Our brand journalists can cover your story by conducting informative video news interviews featuring influential specialists, customers or your own in-house experts.

Roundtables and proceedings

On behalf of our clients, we’ve conceived, organized and even moderated roundtable discussions with key opinion leaders. Besides providing great content for brand-journalism initiatives, these events yield informative proceedings booklets to share with customers.


Our brand journalists can turn your scientific presentations, papers and posters into clear, engaging news summaries that provide the take-away messages from your R&D efforts.


Sustainability may be buzzword of the decade, but what does it really mean? For this edition of Poultry Health Today — a magazine we produce for a client — we answered that question with in-depth articles quoting key opinion leaders.

Customer profiles

Nothing tells your story as effectively or convincingly as success stories quoting influential specialists and customers. For this story, we visited a poultry farm in Mexico to learn about a veterinarian’s experiences with a client’s vaccine. Our journalists also take their own photos, such as the one that appears on this magazine’s cover.

Symposium proceedings

The true value of a scientific symposium often comes after the event, when you share presentations with customers in the field. We edit and produce attractive proceedings booklets to showcase the science behind your products and ideas.

Employee communications

Sometimes your toughest customers are the people you employ. We develop attention-getting employee communications that help to get everyone on board with the company's new direction.


Chances are your company has more news and information than the trade media can possibly absorb. We edit and produce attractive print and digital media tools to make sure customers and prospects get the full story behind your initiatives and innovations.

Press coverage

We execute global and regional media-relations campaigns that promote new and established products, raise awareness of industry issues, influence opinion, educate customers and build trust.

Awareness campaigns

Our client wanted to raise awareness of judicious, more effective management practices for controlling sea lice in farmed salmon. We conceived The Slice Sustainability Project and supported the initiative with this 24-page booklet, plus press coverage and specially designed technical bulletins.