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What is PR Works?
We're an independent marketing communications company that specializes in brand journalism, science reporting, public relations and media creation for the food-animal and meat businesses. Our commitment to these industries is reflected in the quality of our work, as well as in the integrity and professionalism of our news team, excellent reputation with trade editors and, ultimately, the satisfaction of our clients.
Specifically, what industries does PR Works serve?
Poultry, pork, beef, dairy, sheep and aquaculture — not just health, production and welfare, but also processing, food safety, environmental impact and sustainability.
What services does PR Works offer?
Our focus is on brand journalism, content marketing, public relations and media creation, all of which are supported by a full range of graphic design, publishing, web and e-communications services to help illustrate and deliver your story.
How long has PR Works been in business?
Our company was established in 1986 as Feeks Communications, Inc. We later changed our name to PR Works — a name with a message — to underscore our focus and belief in public relations and editorial as effective marketing tools. Now in our 38th year, we are still owned by the company's founder, Joseph Feeks. Over the past two decades, we've also expanded our range of editorial services to meet the diverse marketing communications needs of our clients — all the while remaining focused on the food-animal and meat businesses.
Who are PR Works' clients?
We're a small, highly specialized company, but we've developed campaigns for some of the biggest names in the business. At the same time, we've drawn on this experience to launch new companies and help aggressive upstarts reach a higher tier. Click here for a list of clients served.
How does PR Works go about developing PR and editorial campaigns?

We start with a thorough review of your marketing challenges, opportunities and goals. With this information in hand, we then draw on decades of industry experience to customize a PR and content-marketing plan that meets your budget and needs.

But that's only the beginning. Throughout the campaign, we take a proactive role in identifying new marketing communications opportunities for your company's image, products, programs and services. If necessary, we can also help you avoid or minimize negative press during crisis situations.

Has PR Works won any awards?
Yes, we win awards every year, but they're not the kind that gather dust. At PR Works, the best award we can get is repeat business and referrals from satisfied and enthusiastic clients. The long and mutually successful relationships we've enjoyed with our clients have been extremely rewarding and a lot more meaningful to us than handsome plaques and crystal bowls. We've also appreciated clients' enthusiastic endorsements.
What's the turnover rate at PR Works?
Practically zero. At PR Works, you won't find any job-hopping junior account executives working on your business. Nor will you have to invest a lot of time training and, worse yet, re-training your account team. You'll also be glad to know that we hire only seasoned veterans — mature, field-proven professionals who can get the job done with minimal input and supervision. Click here for more information on the PR Works team.
How does PR Works compare in size to other agencies?
We're a lot smaller. And trust us, we like it that way. Rather than join the ranks of the giant multimillion-dollar agencies, we've chosen to remain a small, independent, highly specialized agency that puts heavy emphasis on quality, service, stability, performance and value. Our team of veteran writers and graphic designers gives our clients the diversity, expertise and geographic reach they need, when they need it — without the steep overhead of a big agency staff. Our long list of clients served suggests that many top marketers have benefited from our unique approach to the business.
Does PR Works work for competing companies?
Never. We are extremely sensitive to conflicts of interest. And besides, it wouldn't be very smart or ethical to handle competing clients. It should be noted, however, that industry consolidation has made it difficult in recent years to avoid some "gray" areas. If we suspect even a hint of a conflict, we will always discuss new-business prospects with clients to make sure there are no issues or concerns.
How does PR Works charge for services?
We charge by the hour, day, month or project. We also offer discounts to contract clients who want PR Works to play a major role in their day-to-day marketing communications programs. We can help determine the best arrangement for your program and budget after discussing your needs and timelines.
How do I set up my free consultation?
It’s easy. Contact us today and we'll set up a mutually convenient time to talk about your needs. You won’t get even the hint of a sales pitch. More than anything, we just want to listen, learn and determine if we’re a good fit. We look forward to hearing from you.