Full disclosure: If you’re looking for sugar-coated news releases with mind-numbing superlatives, self-congratulatory accolades and rambling quotes from upper management, you’ve come to the wrong agency.

But if you want meaningful news coverage — media placements that clearly demonstrate tangible, real-world examples of your commitments, innovations and achievements — we’ll make a great team.

Working with your marketing, technical and corporate communications specialists, we develop PR campaigns that raise awareness of industry issues, influence opinion, educate customers and build corporate and brand identity.

And when the going gets tough — product shortages, adverse reactions, delayed registrations or negative press coverage, for example — we’ll work with you to identify your key messages so you can address sensitive issues with transparency and integrity.

If your story warrants face time with busy reporters — an option we’ll help you determine — we also can organize media events such as news conferences, field days, tours, exclusive interviews, teleconferences, webcasts and more.

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